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Our mission is to eliminate crime through on-going education of citizens and police. We believe that obtaining accurate, timely, truthful information can save lives – hence our motto – accuratio, celeratus, veritas. We instruct in utilizing interviewing techniques to one’s advantage in solving crimes as well as dealing with life’s challenges. We also instruct in deterring lethal force both as a citizen and a police officer.

Effective interviews can solve and prevent crime, but interviewing have not traditionally received the attention they deserve. The Institute teaches police officers effective interviewing techniques quickly based upon “The 30 Minute Interview™” developed by Institute president, Roger Estes. After 37 years serving in the Arlington Virginia Police Department, Det. Estes, incorporated his experience in the course content and embedded those techniques that virtually ensure one’s ability to obtain the truth in just 30 minutes from the most resistant interviewees.

These same techniques can benefit citizens in their everyday lives, whether during job interviews, business negotiations, parenting, or peer or social situations. You too can learn how to obtain accurate, timely truth to help you navigate your life.

Law abiding private citizens, as well as police officers, should be alert to potentially lethal situations, learn defensive tactics, understand weaponry and practice its use. The Institute assists in these endeavors by teaching handgun competency courses for those interested in obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Contact Det. Estes to learn more about the Police Education Institute, its programs and how you may support its work.

About Detective Estes

Detective EstesMr. Estes has lived in the DC Metropolitan area for most of his life. His father’s influence and expertise in firearms resulted in Mr. Estes beginning to rifle shoot at a young age and eventually shooting on the Washington-Lee High School rifle team in Arlington, VA.

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